Hilston Wood Floors offers a complete service from supply to finishing with what we consider to be unique credentials. Jim cut his teeth in the UK working as product manager for timber floors for the highly acclaimed UK interiors company FIRED EARTH Plc. Since then, having been involved from 2009 as a leading member of the ATFA training team, and being associated with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen in our field, Hilston Wood Floors has been provided with a unique insight into timber flooring installation and finishing techniques and products that can be matched by very few. In addition, we have consulted on and produced over 200 inspection reports based on a range of circumstances from product manufacturing concerns to floor performance issues. Every report adds to our bank of knowledge and experience – more so than could possibly be gained from our own contracting work alone. We consider our commitment to continual improvement to be second to none!

Our list of awards, both through our own ATFA Floor of the Year achievements and our contribution to those achieved by our esteemed customers, is testament not only to our ability to provide a beautiful result, but that we are recommended continually for ongoing prestige projects.

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