ATFA 2016 Residential Floor of the Year Site Installed

ATFA 2016 Floor of the Year

What about this; approximately 20,000 cuts to produce 7000 individual pieces of wood, which were artfully fitted to create a true work of art. Brass inlays create a stunning border and glass windows provide a view into the garage below. This is a truly exceptional project that we were proud to be entrusted with, and is a reflection of the skill and expertise we have gained over the years.

This project was designed by Artnow International.

ATFA 2014 Recycled Timber Floor of the Year

We are grateful to our courageous clients who purchased this beautiful Oak flooring that was reclaimed from a 17th Century Jesuit College in France. Only the bravest soul would make such a commitment without really knowing what the end result would be (they weren’t the only ones – these floors are truly unique and the finished look can only be guessed at until the very end!).

This project is the perfect example of how expertise and craftsmanship can transform simple timber planks into an individual, award-winning piece of art.

Queensland Master Builders’ Association House of the Year 2012 – Garth Chapman, Traditional Queenslanders

Shopfit of the Year – Mitchell Ogilvie Menswear, Brisbane

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